It is never too early or too late to start caring for your spine.

At Sperry Chiropractic, our patients know that health and healing come from inside – out. We are all born to be healthy!  Are you ready to get and stay as healthy as possible?
It is important to discover and work with underlying problems rather than to simply eliminate pain and symptoms. Working with your Nervous System, chiropractic care connects the mind and body reducing the static of nerve interference disrupting your good health. Restoring the power of your nerves, allows healing and strengthening to begin.  Sperry Chiropractic cares for people with acute pain such as with stiff necks, sciatica, disc problems, motor vehicle accidents and work injuries. etc., and those on vacation as well. Corrective care then addresses longer term issues offering lasting changes for a more active lifestyle.
Our patients find an entire course of corrective care cost is about as much as a routine dental procedure for one tooth. While we help improve your quality of life, we can also help you file insurance claims. Consultations are free. Why not come in and see what we might be able to do for you. How do you want to age?