“Dr. Paula Sperry has been working with us for over a year now.  Dr. Sperry listened to our needs and customized an extremely effective Health & Wellbeing program to reduce employee injuries. Dr. Sperry’s experience and knowledge has enabled her to successfully educate our workforce in strengthening and stretching exercises, and increased their awareness about the benefits of sound nutrition and physical fitness.  Dr. Sperry’s hard work, dedication, and “can do” attitude has been remarkable.  I highly recommend Dr. Sperry to any company interested in reducing employee injuries, improving the health of their workforce, and reducing insurance costs.”

Edward Mareb, CFO –

“For almost ten years, Dr. Paula Sperry has been performing post-hire, pre-placement exams for Cape Associates.  Dr.  Sperry is thorough, knowledgeable, and takes great care with each and every future employee.  She is very responsive to our sometimes last-minute needs and is a pleasure to work with.  Furthermore, the care she takes with her extensive post-hire, pre-placement exams has helped us hire the best, able-bodied tradespeople, reduced our on-the-job injuries, and resulted in savings on our Worker’s Compensation insurance costs. I see our relationship continuing well into the future!”

Lindsay Cole, Director of Human Resources – .